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ONLINE Trauma Training for Mental Health Professionals and Community Workers

  • We are excited to offer our Nationally and Internationally recognized Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum in an Online Training Forum. After many years of requests and in-depth program development we have prepared ourselves to offer our courses to you in a distance education format.
  • We hope you find these courses interesting and helpful in developing your skills as a traumatologist.

Warm Regards, Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, Founder and Director, Traumatology Institute


Clinical Traumatologist Compassion Fatigue Community & Workplace Traumatologist
Early Intervention Field Traumatologist Justice System Traumatologist School Crisis Response
Trauma Recovery Self-Guided Programs  telehealth  
  • Students who complete our curriculum receive comprehensive training, a Certificate of Completion in the training stream of their choice with the "Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum" (TITC) designation.
  • The beauty of the on-line training is that there is no expected schedule of completion. You can work at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office. The courses are available as soon as you register and you'd have 160 days to complete each course.
  • All of the courses include manuals that can be downloaded and video links or audio files for extra learning opportunities. We provide you with permission to print all manuals for personal use with each training program.


We’re here to help. Click here to contact us with any questions you may have.

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